All Brands know the importance of having promotions. They also know that it can come at a cost and can be quite tricky at times in order to get profitability form them. But having an effective promotion means gain in attractiveness, which leads to getting new customers and keeping the ones you have. Aside from having a special offer with a limited time under specific conditions in order to communicate the right message to customers, here are 6 steps to improve promotion sales effectiveness:   

1.Planning – The promotion planning process, needs to take The Brand Plan & The Category Promotion Planning into considerations. Planning means seeing the big picture, in other words, have a yearly plan (how many promotions total) as well as monthly (SKU & Mechanics).

2.Objectives - There are different possible types of objectives such as increase sales value and unit or increase market share (after promotion). Make sure you have measurable goals for more efficiency.

3.Product – Choose the most relevant product for your promotion. To ensure its relevance, review your promotion performance history, and performance of each product in your sales management tool

4.Mechanic - Select the right promotion mechanic; Price off, Demo, Event, Sampling, Coupons, etc… Don’t forget that each mechanic has both pros and cons.  

5.Availability – Promotions are supposed to have a sense of urgency, which means a limit time. If customers are faced with the possibility of missing the promotion if they don’t act quickly, they’ll be far more likely to commit. Make sure that the product is always available during that time period. 

6.Results - Evaluate every promotion. Identify pre-promotion period of each items; Measure versus Target; Record all measurable indicators of each item. Don’t forget to measure the effects of the event post-promotion period (≈ 2 months after; has market share stabilized? How about the Brand penetration?...) 

Businesses often have the right people and ambitions to make the best possible use of their corporate data. Many can still improve the efficacy of their investments with careful consideration of the infrastructure and tools that support the efforts of analysts. 

HPT Ariane is the leading Southeast Asia data collaboration platform. We help Category Managers, Retail Analysts, Sales Manager, and Senior Managers organize, structure, enrich their data, and automate their business analysis to take better decisions and actions for their consumers and shoppers. Throwing more staff at the problem may help – and is in some organizations' plans – but it won’t address the root problem that data can be hard to access, cumbersome to manage, and is all too often out of date.  

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